Why I choose traveling?

Do you know that feeling when you realize it is the end of the month, the end of the year, or your birthday, and you think “Man, time is passing so quickly!” or, when you can’t even remember what you did last weekend because it was unexceptional? Ugh I hate that feeling! I hate to feel that life is passing me by and I am not making the most out of it. I want to squeeze every second out of life and enjoy it as much as possible. Because, why not? life is such a precious gift, we only get one and we only get the chance to do EVERYTHING we want here and now.

So, long ago I decided that the best way to honor my time on earth was by creating experiences that are going to be with me for as long as I live. When I get old I want to look back in life and be proud that I got to do so many different things. I believe the world was created for us to see it, to feel it, to enjoy it, to really get to know it. Traveling intensifies our existence, you create so many memories in such a short time. You get a sense of connection with your life and the world around you. It becomes addictive.


Travel Wings


But a lot of times people don’t understand how I can go from place to place without a stable job or home. Many people think I am wasting my life and not thinking about the future. And I get it, being stable and secure is easy and comfortable, and my choices may seem unacceptable for some. But I am not wasting my life, I am actually doing the opposite. I am using my life and living it the best way I believe it’s possible. I do think about the future and that’s why I do what I do. I don’t want to have a middle life crisis thinking that I never got to do what I really wanted to do. I’m sure I’m not going to remember the days I spent working in front of the computer or coming home to watch TV.

Television Hypnosis


Since we are little we are taught that we have to have an important job in a big company and make a lot of money, in order to have success and lead a decent life, a life that you can be proud of.  But that’s not necessarily truth. Everybody has their own definition of success and there are many ways to live our life. Just because someone does not stick to that path, doesn’t mean they are wrong or they are bound to disaster. Exploring different routes and taking many chances make for a more interesting story and more opportunities to learn and grow.

I would love people to understand that by traveling around the world I am not ruining my life, I am rather building my life in my own terms. I do have a stable job, a job I created for myself. There is nothing more stable than something you own, and I am very confident about my future. I think I would be more worried if I worked for a company, because who knows? they can fire me at any time, the company can go bankrupt, anything out of my control can happen. But when you learn the skills to be independent, you can defend yourself against anything.

Today is the big day

So today I’m starting a new stage. Lucas and I are going to Asia for the first time. We are all packed and ready to go and we have a lot of mixed emotions. The anxiety leading to this day was stressful, but it wasn’t unknown to me. It is always the same feeling before any trip. After many years traveling I still get nervous when leaving for the unknown, but I know that this feeling is going to disappear once we get on the plane. Nevertheless It was sad to see our apartment empty and to leave the place were we lived for over a year, a place full of memories. But we are ready to fill that emptiness with new discoveries.

We tried to pack light and failed 🙁 but we got a free update at the airport, so we are happy!

Off we go!

Next stop: Beijing

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