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Mafe + Lucas


Stories of my trips is a site we created for the travelers interested in traveling more spontaneously, seeing the different cultures, learning the history of other countries, accepting and enjoying different customs and seeing the world with an open mind, without judging or comparing. In this blog we write about our traveling experiences, about the history and culture of the places we visit, and we share our photos to get you excited about going there. We share useful info, so you can learn from our mistakes and have an easier time in your travels.

Our travel style

We are independent travelers, we travel light and we try to spend little money. We don’t need fancy stuff and we never plan in advance. We go where the trip takes us. We use local transportation, eat in local restaurants or markets, visit places on our own and almost never join tours. We walk A LOT, sleep in Guesthouses or hostels and try to experience the places the way the locals do.


Mafe The creative

I love history, photography, writing and traveling (x3). I was born a Colombian but I feel a citizen of the world. When I was 22 I left my country to live away for a year. The journey took longer and 8 years later I continue to wander around far from where I was born.

This trip has taken me to live in 5 different cities in 3 continents and to travel through more than 40 countries (and counting). I am always traveling with my backpack, traveling slow and spending as little as possible to get further. I work Freelance and spend half of my time traveling and the other half saving to keep traveling. I like unknown places where there are no tourists and countries with rare names, so I have a bigger desire to go to Yuzhno-Kuril’sk than to Cancun.

Lucas Mr. Fix it

I am the one who fixes the screws on this site. I am an engineer/traveler and I like to solve problems related to technology (preferably if it is from a beach). My work has taken me to travel in Europe, Latin America, and Africa since I was very young and it gives me the flexibility to work from anywhere and travel at the same time.

What I like the most is learning from people and their culture. I was raised half Argentine and half French and I was taught to be tolerant and to have an open mind. Thanks to my work I have met many people from different cultures. I enjoy learning things from them, I always ask them many questions about their countries and I end up making plans to visit those places. I do not need fancy stuff to travel. I like to live, travel and eat like a local and thanks to that, I can travel for a longer time in a more satisfying way.

Follow us along the road

We are part-time travelers. We travel for long periods and then we return home. From home, we travel for short periods in nearby countries. Then we relocate to different cities to start again. And so we are always on the go, one way or another.

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