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We are 3 weeks away from our next trip to Asia. Lucas has given notice at his office and I am freaking out about everything I want to do and learn before going to Asia for the first time. We are very excited but also super nervous. We will be leaving everything that is familiar and comfortable for us. We are giving up a beautiful apartment in Brussels and the stability of a routine. Which is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. We have always wanted to do it and now we feel it is the right time, if not now then when? We don’t have mayor responsibilities like kids or a mortgage and we want to see more and more of the world. We also want a break from the routine, meet new people, get out of our comfort zone and learn and grow more. We are firmly believers that traveling is the best education. We are not going on vacation, we are going on a mission to explore and learn as much as we can about the world. Little of it is going to be relaxing, but most of it is going to be stimulating… I hope.

Our first stop is going to be Beijing, and right now I am going through articles, books and podcasts of everything I want to learn about China. It’s history, specially the recent years after the cultural revolution. I want to understand why it became a communist country and how that is working for them. I want to know how was China before and after Mao, and how life is in a place that has more than 5000 years of history. I’m very curious about the mindset they have in Eastern cultures, and what is their perception of the West. I am also practicing eating with chopsticks, but that’s not going very well 🙁

After mainland China we are going to Hong Kong, which should be interesting to see how different it is, and if it still feels like China. After that we will be off to explore the infinite possibilities of South East Asia for a few months. And after that? Who knows… We haven’t set a date to return. Maybe we won’t. I am open to every possibility and I hope Lucas feels the same once he enjoys the freedom of traveling. This is his first long term backpacking trip and I can’t wait to see how he feels.

We will be posting here about the places we go and how we move around. We have the intention to explain how to move around different places, so you are prepared and know what to do when it’s your turn to go there. Follow us along this adventure and wish us luck!


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