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Mafe y Lucas


We are Mafe (Colombian) and Lucas (Argentinian/French), the creators of Stories of my Trips, a site for people interested in traveling, history, different cultures and stories from places around the world. Our intention is to explore different locations and share with you what we learn from each place, from culture, to history, to lifestyle etc. Here you will find articles, itineraries, stories, thoughts and lots of photographies that will help you understand more about the beautiful world we live in and the people in it.

Our Story

We met in Argentina when Mafe had just moved there and was working on a desk job to save money to travel around South America. Lucas was already working there and somehow 2 different worlds came together. Ever since we started dating we have traveled together to different places in South America and Europe, and our different views of the world and travel style have made us try different things and expand our minds. We have grown together and learned many things from each other.

We are very different, which keeps things interesting. Mafe likes to create and Lucas likes the technical stuff. Perfect match! When we are traveling, one of us loves to get lost and wander around to see what happens, while the other keeps looking at a map to always know where we are. One loves relaxing in beaches and do nothing, while the other needs to move and do multiple activities. We always meet middle ground and that way we get to have both experiences.


Mafe The creative

MafeI am the creative half of this team, I am interested in History and Photography and of course, traveling. I had my first experience living abroad when I was 22 and I moved to the US to work as an Au Pair for 2 years. There I lived in the East Coast and then in the West Coast and during those 2 years I visited 17 states, discovered Couchsurfing and realized that traveling was possible if you are willing to make it happen.

In my 20s I have lived in Boston, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Brussels, and I have traveled around the US, Europe, and Latin America. It has not been easy, I have a really difficult passport to travel with, and I am not rich. But I am always willing to make sacrifices (like sleeping in couches or eating cereal bars for lunch), save a lot of money and cope with the annoyances and visa processes.

I have a degree on Engineering, but that job would keep me tied to an office for the rest of my life, so I changed paths early on. I decided that traveling was my priority so I started a couple of online businesses that have allowed me to be location independent. I am an online Spanish Teacher and a Translator, and I am learning how to become the best Photographer in the world. I am very interested in History and I spend weeks before my trip learning about the history of the places I am going to visit, so expect a lot of insights and facts about the places we show you.

One of my articles has been recently published here: How to visit Paris like a Parisian (without breaking the bank)


Lucas Mr. Fix it


LucasI’m the one who fixes stuff. I am an Engineer and I have worked for an IT company for many years providing services and support worldwide. I’ve always been a self-learner and I know that I can always find a solution. I have learned a lot working on several IT projects on big international companies. Besides, my job has allowed me to travel in Europe, Latin America and Africa since I was very young.
However, my real passion is people and their cultures. I was born and raised as half Argentinian and half French, and I was taught to be tolerant and open minded. I had the chance to travel a lot with those IT projects and met a lot of people from different cultures. For me, it’s just a joy to learn about them, I am always asking questions about their country and I keep making plans to visit all those places. Also, I still need to learn a lot from my Mafe that speaks such a beautiful but different Spanish, (every week a learn a new Colombian word!).
I’ve always wanted to start a business of my own and I finally got the chance to do it. I hope I can use all the skills I have learned to my own benefit and enjoy this new quest every day.







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